ELECTROLUX Warewashing Steam Rack Type Dishwasher, 200/h - 1 Speed, Right to Left 533336

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Energy TypeElectric
Size (LxWxH) mm800 x 1550 x 1454
Warranty 1
Model 533336
Supply Voltage 400V/3N ph/50 Hz
Total Watts 2.1kW
Steam Pressure (min-max) 1 - 3 bar
Steam Consumption 60kg/ hr
Hot water consumption : Liters/hr 480 liters/hr
Water supply - operation 50°C
Water supply (temp hot/cold) 50°C
N° of speeds 1
Capacity baskets - 1st/2nd speed 200/hr
Capacity dishes - 1st/2nd speed 3600/hr
Air Emmission 500m³/h
1st Wash Temperature 55-65 °C
1st Wash Tank Capacity 114 liters
1st Wash Pump Power 1.8 kW
Rinsing Temperature 80-90 °C
Rinsing Boiler Capacity 16 liters
Height with door open 2050 mm
External Dimension (L x W x H) (mm) 800 x 1550 x 1454
Net Weight (kg) 200
Shipping Dimension (L x W x H) (kg) 1050 x 1920 x 1650
Shipping Weight (kg) 290
Shipping Volume  3.33m³

Unit to be Electrolux Rack type dishwasher with steaming heating. Unit to operate from right to left. Washing is carried out with water circulating at a temperature of 55-56°C. Rinsing is a carried out with clean water coming from the water system, heated to a temperature of 80-90°C. Double skinned construction and counter balanced door with insulation. Unit features one conveyor speed, 200 racks/hour.


1. Power wash zone removes soil with maximum water contact
2. Final rinse to sanitize the items using 480 liter/hour of hot fresh water heated up inside the built-in boiler
2. Built-in rinse water heater to increase the temperature of the final rinse water
2. Simple control panel
2. Service from the front and from the side
2. Low noise level <70dBA
2. Height adjustable stainless steel feet


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