BRX Vista Gelato Showcase (6+6) W/ Carapina VISTA-3BP06VSGI

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Additional Information
  • ModelVISTA-3BP06VSGI
  • BrandBRX
  • Size (LxWxH) mm1050 x 990 x 1250
  • Weight (KG)180.00
  • WarrantyOne Year Manufacturing Defect
  • Product OriginItaly

Model 6 Flavours + 6 Storage L.1050
Power Supply 400/3/50
Cooling Capacity 1050
Power Consumption 1720
Ampere 6,5
Refrigerant Gas R404a
Operating Temperature -2°C
Product Dimensions (L x W x H) 1050 x 990 x 1250


Dual Tech

A display case, two technologies

Dual Tech

Glycol refrigeration + ventilated refrigeration

Open Pans

Carapina pans open (without lids) and placed at high position during the day

BRX _ Vista, coperchio chiuso e carapine abbassate di notte

Carapinas pans closed (lids placed) and lowered into the counter for the night time storage freezer function


Vista Gelato Measurement

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