IKAWA Green Synergetic 15 Watt Tube IK-TACUVTUBE

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Additional Information
  • BrandIkawa
  • Energy TypeElectric
  • WarrantySix Months Manufacturing Defect
  • Product OriginMalaysia

“Irresistible attraction - hygiene protection through effective control”

IK-TAC fly traps attract flying insects by emitting UV light at 350 nanometres, the optimum wavelenght for insect attraction.

Attrected into the IK-TAC unit insects are entrapped on a glueboard discretely hidden within it. The glueboard is easily accessible and is quick and easy to change.



Based upon a unique phosphor mix, patented technology ensures that a broader ‘two peak’ wavelength is maintained (368nm and 540nm) attracting a wide range of insects including stored product moths, whilst attracting the common housefly as effectively as traditional blue UV tubes, giving you the best of both UV technologies.

A wide diversity of insects were shown to be more attracted to Synergetic light, including greenhouse whiteflies, silverleaf whiteflies, thrips, leafhoppers, Indian meal moths, Mediterranean flour moths, tropical warehouse moths, warehouse moths, plus many more!

Applicable for Model:

Size: 18"

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