Sweet Potato Swirl Mooncakes

Sweet Potato Swirl Mooncakes


*Makes 18 mooncakes

For the purple sweet potato filling

800g, peeled, steamed and mashed

80g confectioner’s sugar

80g unsalted butter

Steam sweet potato for 20 minutes or until its soft enough to be mashed

While the mash potato is still hot from the steaming, add in the butter and sugar, mixing until well incorporated

Set aside to cool

Weigh 50 grams and shape into ball


For the oil dough

255g cake flour 

120g ghee

A pinch of sweet potato powder

Few drops of purple food colouring

Mix dry ingredients until it becomes a soft, pliable dough. Then add food colouring and knead until the colour is well distributed in the dough.

Let rest for 20 minutes. 


For the water dough

300g plain flour

23g icing sugar

105g ghee

115g ice cold water

Mix everything together and knead until it forms a soft, pliable dough.

Let rest for 20 minutes.


To assemble the mooncake:

Weigh 60g water dough and 40g oil dough, shaping each into a ball.

Flatten water dough and wrap it around oil dough.

Roll out the combined dough ball into a long shape and then roll it up into a spiral.    

Once again, roll out the shorter end of the dough into a long strip and then roll it up into a spiral.

Cut the dough into half.

Place the dough with the cut part at the bottom and gently flatten out the dough with the palm of your hand or rolling pin. Roll it out/flatten it as much as needed to completely wrap the purple sweet potato filling.

Alternatively, you can opt to gently pull the dough upward and around the paste to seal it inside

Place a portion of the filling in the middle of the pastry dough and make sure that the filling is completely contained within.

Pinch to seal the ends.

Arrange mooncakes on tray for baking and bake in preheated oven of 170°C for 25-30 minutes. (Tip: if you have to transfer the mooncakes to a cooling rack, please do so with extreme care as the mooncakes are still really soft)

Allow to cool completely before serving. 

Additional notes:

If you decide to make these mooncakes with reduced amount of sugar (ie. 60 grams) they can only be stored at room temperature for up to 3 days. To prolong the shelf life, store it in the fridge where they can last up to 2 weeks.  

For the reduced sugar version of this recipe, we think that it tastes better without the addition of salted egg yolk.

Also, we reckon that salted mung bean filling would serve as a good substitute for the egg yolk as it lends a delicious balance to the overall taste.

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