In 1971, Mr. Bernhard Rothfos started international trading in green coffee, and in 1955 he founded Deutsche Extrakt Kaffee (DEK) in Hamburg together with other leading coffee roasters.

Eventually, under the direction of his son Jan Beemd Rothfos, the company had established a network of top end manufacturing plants across Europe, with factories in Germany, Poland, England, and Belgium, and have become a leader in the production of soluble coffees and coffee drinks, as well as various sorts of liquid coffee.

These days, AROMAT Cafe are supplying to a number of leading food and beverage retail businesses around the world.

The Coffee

High quality Arabica and Robusta green coffees are sourced from the world's best cultivation areas. The carefully selected beans are skilfully roasted in a sample roaster, ground into small portions, brewed and sampled in tasting sessions.

All these help to ensure and maintain consistent quality. 

The Products

AROMAT Cafe offers a range of coffee products intended to deliver not only high quality coffee,but also the ultimate convenience, consistency and ‘control’ to the consumers.  

Soluble Coffee : Spray-dried, Agglomerated, Freeze-dried, and even Decaffeinated coffees in numerous blends.
Liquid Extracts : Shelf-stable coffee concentrates made via our special fresh-brewing method.
Experience fully preserved fresh aroma and distinctly quality and characteristics in every cup.
Also, a modern and unique ingredient for innovative coffee creations, and as food ingredient.  
Coffee Systems : Quick preparation of high quality coffee beverages at the push of a button.

Cool Coffee Jelly

Think cubes of coffee-flavoured jelly served in a thick, sweetened cream. 

With AROMAT coffee, its unique flavour profile will be strong enough to hold its own, cutting through the sweetness just enough and not overpowered by the cream once its mixed together.



25g gelatin powder

5 cups water

3-6 tablespoons Aromat Liquid Coffee Extract Concentrate, adjust according to preference

1/2 cup granulated sugar

1 can condensed milk

1 can table cream



In a pot, add water and gradually sprinkle jelly powder, stir until dissolved.

Bring to a soft boil then remove from heat.

Add sugar and coffee powder and stir until completely dissolved.

Pour mixture in a 9x9-inch square pan and let it cool to set.

Using a knife, cut through the coffee jelly horizontally and then vertically to make cubes. It could be big or small cubes.

In a large bowl or container with lid, mix together the sweetened condensed milk and all-purpose cream until well combined. Add the coffee jelly cubes and mix again. Cover and chill.

Additional notes:

For the cream, substitute with an equal amount evaporated milk if cream is unavailable.

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